General Knowledge (GK) Questions (32 อ่าน)

22 พ.ค. 2567 18:25

General Knowledge (GK) questions cover a wide range of topics, making them a great tool for learning and testing your knowledge. Here are some examples of common GK questions along with their answers:

1. **Who was the first President of the United States?**

- George Washington

2. **What is the capital of France?**

- Paris

3. **Which planet is known as the Red Planet?**

- Mars

4. **What is the largest ocean on Earth?**

- The Pacific Ocean

5. **Who wrote the play "Romeo and Juliet"?**

- William Shakespeare

6. **In which year did World War II end?**

- 1945

7. **What is the smallest country in the world?**

- Vatican City

8. **Who is known as the father of modern physics?**

- Albert Einstein

9. **Which element has the chemical symbol 'O'?**

- Oxygen

10. **What is the hardest natural substance on Earth?**

- Diamond

These questions are great for quizzes, classroom activities, or simply testing your own knowledge. They cover various subjects such as history, geography, science, and literature, providing a well-rounded understanding of the world. gk questions are not only fun but also help improve memory and cognitive skills. So, keep quizzing yourself and others to stay sharp and informed!





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