เครื่องรัดกล่องอัตโนมัติ รุ่น JN-85E



แบรนด์ : CHALi


Features :

     ๐ Modular designed Aluminum alloy arch, easy to assemble and disassemble.

     ๐ Auto strap positioning and retry feeding functions enable operating of humanity.

     ๐ Convenient operating modes with panel, ball switch and foot pedal switch.

     ๐ Internal electricity is 24V accessing,  prevent operators from shocking.

     ๐ with CKD frame and powder painting on frame.

     ๐ Change color on iron arch cover, front doors & frame is available. (Optional) 

Specifications :

Arch Size : 850W x 600H mm (Standard)

Power Supply : 110/220V 50/60Hz 1Ph; 220/380V 50/60Hz 3Ph

Strap Cycle Speed : 28 Cycles/ 60Hz, 26 cycles/50Hz per Min

Tension Strength : Max. 70kgs

Strap Width : 6~15.5 mm

Sealing Method : Heat Sealing

Dimensions : 1400W x 640D x 1475H mm

Table Height : 805mm

Machine Weight : 220kgs

Gross Weight : 265kgs

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